Creating Balance

I hope you made it to today.  

I know that sounds dramatic and, Halloween is one of those times of year, especially here in NYC, where I watch people get extreme.  The party lasts for days.  The events are endless.  There's a lot of sirens and arguing and debauchery.  

Believe me, I've had my time.  I'm certainly NOT one to claim a holier than though, always well and judgmental position.  That doesn't mean I don't feel somewhat responsible for providing some guidance on balance to take care of some of the damage some of you do when you jump off the deep end into celebration-mode.  

It's also helpful as we approach the holidays.  Just because there's a get together or holiday party every night for 6 weeks straight doesn't mean Ibuprofen and B12 injections should be your go to to relieve hangovers and fatigue. 

Here's a short list of 5 ways to balance party/social time with wellness.

1. Drink water.  Have 8-12oz with every alcoholic beverage you have, for every hour you spend on the dance floor, at bedtime and right away when you wake up to start the new day.  Beyond party time, it's important to continuously have water on hand and actually drinking it (I promise, simply carrying the bottle around does nothing).  Have a glass at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner and at least one more throughout the day (more if you exercise).

2. Stretch.  Before bed and right when you wake up, take 10 minutes to gently move through the kinks and tightness.  Twisting and elongating allow toxins to release from muscle tissue and give you an overall sense of well-being.  

3. Drink Smoothies.  Pack greens, berries, nut butters, nuts & seeds, and nut milks into blenders and take them on the go.  Add some vegan protein (Hemp or Vega, without the soy) and you'll be packing in super nutrients and protein from food sources.  Supplements aren't necessarily good for you as they aren't regulated and, they are a synthetic derivative of micronutrients.  Plus, even if you find a food-derived multi-vitamin, who on earth has EVER enjoyed popping a pill over eating a meal?  Nutrition should taste good, not just provide support.  Forget what big-pharma says.

4. Pick a bedtime.  Yes, even of the night of the BEST PARTY EVER.  Everyone has their cinderella hour (and we've all been or witnessed when someone has passed that time - not a pretty site).  The amount of sleep you get is directly related to your health and attention.  8 hours is needed, every night.  Of course you'll find evidence that it's possible to survive on 6 or maybe even 4 nowadays.  It's not true.  You need to reboot, power down and rest.  The party will be there again.  There will always be more work to do or TV to watch.  Just pick a time and stick to it.  I'll suggest two hours later on your weekends.  Yes, I mean 1AM.  As fun as it can be at the time, getting home the next day at 11am is destroying your body.  (I know I sound like a mom.  I also care enough to sound like a mom and ask you to do YOU a favor).

5. Plan wellness activities in your social calendar.  Go to a health talk.  Cook meals with friends.  Have a yoga date.  HIke, ski or just go for a walk.  Keep these dates as vigilantly as you make sure you're at ALL the festivities.  The friends you practice wellness with will be around long past the party time there's an added bonus.

As always, I love you and want nothing more than you to take care.