💤💭To Dream Big and Release What Stops You - Detox Your Sleeping Space😴😇

This lovely month of May, The Harvest Method is here to support you with tips and tools to detox your environment and make room for wellness, growth and a space to create.

This week we'll focus on the place you've made to rest.

Here's a deep clean and some Feng Shui in one.

Even if you only sleep in it and you only get a lousy 6 hours of sleep each night,  you spend 91.25 DAYS in your bed each YEAR! That is a lot of time to spend in a filthy space.

The average person lets out a pint of sweat each night.

I'm going to stop there.  I think you get my drift by simply stating that.

So here's your To-Do List is create a nourishing place for rest.

Each day:

Get up and make your bed immediately.  There are things that you can do to create wholeness and integrity easily.  Leaving your bed unmade speaks volumes.  Hello universe, I'm starting my day lazy.  Hello universe, I'd rather not have somewhere to return to to find comfortable sleep. I'd rather leave this disarray, live it out throughout my day and then return to last night's mess.  

Not a healthful loop, now is it?

Each week:

Cleaning your sheets and pillow cases with an organic cleaner like this one.  Clean sheets are there to warm you, snuggle you and support you off into the peaceful place of dreams and releasing the day.  They are there to allow you to soften.  Getting two sets of sheets and rotating them each week, laundering them to remove the stuff you sweat out and let go of while resting is just one more nourishing, supportive act that is easy to accomplish.

Each month:

Take your pillows and comforters for eco-friendly dry cleaning.  Eco-friendly because you are living in the environment you either nurture or destroy.  A toxic environment, which regular dry cleaning promotes, stifles your energy, on a personal level and makes it all the more toxic a space to try and move through if you're whole, healthy and out spreading your light.  A regular dry cleaner's chemicals on your comforter and on the place you lay your head has you breathing in and absorbing toxicity through your skin.  Pay the extra few dollars and make this type of cleaning a monthly ritual. 

Vacuum the mattress.  

Deodorize the mattress (sprinkle baking soda. let it set for 30 minutes. vacuum again)

Dust under your bed and along the frame.

Each year:

Replace all pillows.  Let what you laid to rest go and start anew.  Make this week Day 1 and next May, you can spring clean into a fresh set again. 

Get everything out from underneath your bed. Storage under your bed blocks air and energy. Keeping this a free flowing zone lets you be less stagnant as well.

Rest easy, my love.