Be Nourished - 21 day Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan

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Be Nourished - 21 day Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan


Be Nourished Includes:

  • Shopping Lists in three or four day batches

  • Daily menus

  • “Get Educated” sections dedicated to highlighting the “WHYs” behind the program suggestions

  • “Detox What Doesn’t Serve You” tips on purging the stuff in your life that’s stalling the wheels of progress, including links for recommended tools and gadgets to use instead

  • “Be Nourished” sections that illuminate healthy habits beyond eating, like rest, etc...


Life is perfect...on paper

You do it all...but you’re totally depleted

You totally know what you need to’re really good at The Google...but you’re not actually doing it...

And if we’re being honest here, those wellness solutions you’ve sleuthed out online don’t actually feel right.

Actually you’re kind of DONE cobbling together a wellness plan based on what you think you should do...and what those online expert tell you is “the way”

You’re ready for a major shift. You’re really to Spring Clean your life and actually listen in and take care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit.

I’ve got you.

I developed a brand new complete whole-body, mind, spirit plan to which you can truly dedicate yourself for three weeks that will help you shift habits

Typical cleanses you might find online -- or even the typical RD you come across in your searches -- don’t always address the mental challenges, or even logistical challenges associated with implementing a new way of eating.

Be Nourished has you covered.

I developed this plan to support you through creating small shifts in every area of life so that massive change in the way you feel, day-to-day can take hold.

I don’t just tell you what to eat, and what to do to feel better, I actually tell you WHY these shifts work. (I know that you need to know the rationale behind these recommendations. I get it.)

Beyond shopping lists and recipes, I guide you to understand why I’m suggesting “weird” things like starting the day with lemon and ginger or why not all shakes are created equal.
I’m also going to give you the guidance and prompts you need to start getting your life in order outside of your eating. Even if you’re totally Type A I know you’ll find something unique in these suggestions. I promise you pointers for cleaning out, or detoxing, your living space to create an environment that’s worthy of your revenant new perspective on self care and how you fuel your body.

Are you ready to join me?

Let’s go.

Watch this video for more on the program!