The Wolf Moon

This first full moon of the new year is called the Wolf Moon.

In ancient cultures, primarily those who hunted and gathered onward to those who began to farm, the moon was the guide to what we now know as the calendar year.  Knowing what full moon was shining down from the heavens allowed them to understand the weather, the plants and animals they could harvest and hunt and what they needed to survive the conditions.  The cycles of the moon are around 28 days, similar to the feminine menstrual cycle.  It is said that a women who ovulates at the Full Moon and menstruates with the New Moon is most fertile.  It’s a well known fact amongst moon sisters that, when you are aligned with yourself, your cycle aligns with the moon.  Some years are special in that the first Full Moon occurs on the first few days of the year, allowing for a 13th cycle in the 365 days to follow.  2018 is such year.  If fertility is a game you are playing in the year to come (not just baby making. having fertile finances, ideas and creative outlets, lush experiences and lessons are all forms of fertility), you'll have 13 opportunities to BIRTH SOMETHING RADICAL.

The Wolf Moon is named for the wolves that howl in the night during the dead of winter.  The howl is a call to say “here I am” and to make the wolves known to their pack and to tell those who aren’t a pack member to beware.  During January they are especially loud because February is their mating season and it’s time to be loud AF to find a MATE!  

We can use the metaphor of the howl to state “HERE I AM” to communicate with the cosmos.  Here you are - you wee little you amongst the endless vastness?  NO!

HERE YOU ARE - YOU: an intricate part in such an amazing whole.  You are a part of the universe and you are the universe itself.  All parts of one and one of itself.  Howl to declare such a thing and the Universe will smile and say, “Thanks for waking up, we’ve been here creating and growing all along.  So have you.  Thanks for remembering!”.  

Take a moment to imagine yourself as that lone wolf, seeking her pack…and her partner.  Realize her alone-ness isn’t loneliness.  She will find her pack.  She will find her mate.  She will go on into the rest of her year with warmth and food and water. 

She will choose to be alone at times. 

She is safe, loved and whole in her own company.

Loneliness stems solely from misguided, limited belief. 

When we let a misguided, limited belief take hold, we will find immense amounts of evidence to prove that belief as true.  It's the bonkers human condition of faith.  If you believe it, you will see it.  The fun part is, you choose your beliefs.  You can switch them up any time to suit you.  Committing to beliefs that are nurturing, supporting and limitless sounds like a better way to spend your time and mind energy, now doesn't it? 

You always have all the support you need.  The universe has your back.  The world has your back.  The people that surround you have your back.  You just need to call out.  Howl at the moon. 

“I’m here.  I need _______”. 

Communicate with your “pack”.  Let them know what you need. If you don’t quite have the “pack” you believe you need.  Call out to find them.  Create the community and the collaborations you need to foster your growth, your ideas and your experience of life. 

This particular full moon is even more special because its a SUPERMOON

That means the moon is the closest it comes to earth’s orbit and appears HUGE in the sky.  That closeness give us extra pull and extra support as we declare and launch ourselves, our plans and our hearts into this beautiful new year.  Take advantage of the wolf supermoon.  Connect with her.  Let her be your “pack” if you’re feeling lonely. 

You are held.  You are safe.  You are loved.