The Chaste Moon

This moon comes to us during the tail end of winter.  It's named for the purity and stillness of fresh, innocent snowfall.  The Chaste moon speaks to our inner child and invites her to come out and play.  This moon can be celebrated with silliness, letting go of the serious work and effort you've been putting into projects and yourself during the cold, short days and the long dark nights of the first 2/3 of the winter season.  

Let your joy and relaxation breath life into tough situations.  Set back or step away for a moment.  The energy that light-hearted fun gives you will likely help you resolve stubborn issues, simply because you need the space to ease up and let go a little.  The time between this and the next full moon brings spring and Ostara!  Like all rituals at this time of year, the Chaste Moon invites us to sweep out the old and no longer serving and to create space for the new and exciting.  

Wear white to sit in circle.  Take steps to simplify.  Have some cookies and milk, kiddo.