The Chaste Moon

This moon comes to us during the tail end of winter.  It's named for the purity and stillness of fresh, innocent snowfall.  The Chaste moon speaks to our inner child and invites her to come out and play.  This moon can be celebrated with silliness, letting go of the serious work and effort you've been putting into projects and yourself during the cold, short days and the long dark nights of the first 2/3 of the winter season.  

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The Wolf Moon

Take a moment to imagine yourself as that lone wolf, seeking her pack…and her partner.  Realize her alone-ness isn’t loneliness.  She will find her pack.  She will find her mate.  She will go on into the rest of her year with warmth and food and water. 

She will choose to be alone at times. 

She is safe, loved and whole in her own company.

Loneliness stems solely from misguided, limited belief. 

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