Coming January 1, 2018

Check back for a monthly unfolding of the collection of resources that inspire, inform and deepen the harvest method.  You'll get a taste of what I'm reading, who I'm following, what I'm cooking, what I'm using and what I'm attracting.  

So many people have been asking what makes up “The Harvest” of The Harvest Method. 
It’s been the toolbox I use for my clients...until now. 
As we enter 2018, I’ve decided to SHARE THE LOVE and showcase each of the 5 developmental tools I’m currently studying and practicing. Each will be tried, tested and approved and a positive position and or support toward your own


These are the 4 pillars that I aim all of my coaching to grow in you. 
And, as the true student of LIFE that I am, I am committed and consistent with keeping that going and growing.