3 "To-Do's" to jump start your wellness plan*

*Disclaimer!!!!!! I'm not telling anybody what to do or how to resolve to give yourself a little more TLC. I will, however, suggest some plans to get the ball rolling in a manageable way.

  1. Eat a produce packed breakfast
  2. Drink a gallon of water a day.
  3.  Stop. Sit. Breathe.

If your not a breakfast eater, let's just flip you into a breakfast drinker. Below is a simply delicious recipes for an AM shake that will rev you up and sustain you far past that cup o Joe.
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Hydrate...for happiness.
I'm not playing with this one.
It's necessary.
And easy.

True fact: I absolutely hate the tastelessness of water. If I didn't add something to it, I'd never drink it. That's why I do.
Here are a few additions to make your hydration status simply palpable.
- add a drop of lemon essential oil (good grade, like doterra)
- soda streams are all the rage to get that fizz that just makes water more fun.
- drink herbal (uncaffienated) tea (hot or iced)

Take a minute.
Set an alarm to remind yourself or just spend 1 extra minute on bathroom breaks, when you get into your car or on the train, right when you wake and/or right before you doze off.

See how you feel.