🙊🙅Today's Detox: Get A Life Worth Living - Kill The Gossip🙅🙊

With every story comes the facts and, as it is shared and shared, comes the augmentation, the lies, the rumors and the misinformation. Your personal opinions and the point of view you hold about another, whether or not your ego finds that opinion founded, clouds your delivery.  The story gets warped and it has a impact.   

Unless you are speaking with the person or persons involved, you have no right to share anything about another. This goes for positive gossip as well.

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💤💭To Dream Big and Release What Stops You - Detox Your Sleeping Space😴😇

This week we'll focus on the place you've made to rest.

Here's a deep clean and some Feng Shui in one.

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👄💬Want Nourishing Relationships? Practice Responsive Communication💏💖

Response happens when the other person listens for what is behind the words.

Listening for someone's beliefs, values, current struggles and opinions takes the words off of the listener. No matter what is said, a subjective reply (having no negative or positive energy to it) naturally occurs.

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💭Thoughts Become Things - Put It On Paper💭

Every thought you generate becomes something. That thing could be an act

of kindness, self-care or love. It could be an act of aggression or spite. It could

be a reaction. It could be a response. It could piggy-back on your past

experience. It could be a whole new, fresh beginning. It could be forgiving. It

could be resentful. It could have any and every emotion.

No matter what the thought, you are recording it as a fact and that fact

could make or break everything and anything going forward.

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