Top 5 To Do’s for the New Year From The Harvest Method

Like always, I’ve got my own way.  

Like this whole harvest method…this is MY way.  

It is the way of doing my own thing, of doing what works for me.

I believe that to be a great way for every person to take on as her own.  

You, doing you.  

Finding food that feeds you and movement that moves you.

Absolutely killing it at living your life.

It’s not a bad method.  (Though, I’m partial).

You’ll have to choose for yourself if it sounds like a method that works for you.

Here’s a shot at that choice.

I put together 5 practices the harvest method promotes for a well, joyful start of the year.

Here they are:

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Showing Up For Yourself

But what about YOU in all of this?

Are you giving the same due diligence to what YOU, within yourself need?

What about your job as YOUR #1 caretaker, listener, feeder and believer in yourself?

What about your word to YOU?

What about YOUR iron clad wellness and self-care you even have one?

How much will YOU miss if you're checked out or, worse yet, not here to be where you said you'd be or doing what you said you'd do?

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