💌 The Importance Of Nourishing Rest 😴 💤

It's Spring!

It's wake up time!  No more hibernating.  No more hiding out in the cave.

I hope you worked on amazing things this winter.  I hope you're coming back out refreshed and invigorated and inspired to grow and to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF while you're at it.  

Even though it's time to wake up, an essential part of nourishing yourself is making certain you still get enough rest.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being. Having enough quality sleep keeps you mentally alert, physically well and gives you the reset time so you will be energized for whatever life throws your way. Not sleeping enough can have you groggy, unfocused and lacking attention. Without focus, you may be less effective, yes, but the real issue is the clumsiness and missed steps that can actually put you in danger.

Sleeping helps you to detach from your day. It's not unusual to wake having solved a problem you had when you closed your eyes. Your subconscious state is a lot more refined, less anxious and less affected by outside stimuli. You think better when you are sleeping! Burning the candle late into the night (whether its because you have a deadline or you're out having the time of your life) costs you. You end up needing to spend more valuable time getting yourself together versus making magic!

Your body reduces cortisol production while you are at rest. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Physiological stress all have the same negative impact on your body. If you don't sleep, your over-thinking, emotional strain, high impact exercise and natural bodily function actually become inflammatory agents and inflammation is the #1 marker for disease.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has a beautiful guide to healthy sleep. Access it here and catch those zzz's!

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