this is the #1 reason you fail to lose weight


This week I'm going after the            frustration of failure

Isn't it the thing? 
Isn't it always the thing?

You know what you need to do to eat well, get enough rest and be your healthy best and then,

you just don't do it.

Think about your New Years resolutions.
(Remember them, 1/3 of the year ago?)

Honestly, resolutions are one of the silliest thing you get yourself into.

It is a beautiful thing to want something more for yourself or to set goals to reach.
It's a not-so-beautiful fact that you are wired to start judging and assessing yourself for mistakes or hiccups in progress.

Then, you get upset and make yourself wrong.
Then you start getting pushy and self-reprimanding

and then,

you self-sabotage and throw in the towel with a million reasons why it's just not possible.

So what's missing?

How about a plan?

Yeah. I know, not the most interesting of ideas...

or is it?

I'm one to believe that taking interest in yourself is pretty darn interesting
and inspiring
and energizing.


by taking interest in yourself, you grow more interested, inspired, energized and connected to everything else.

Just like you plan your meetings, your calls and your to-do (for others) list, why not plan the promises you make to and for yourself?

Set yourself up to create a wellness plan and much as you can.
Make it a game.
Let it light you up.
And then, do it.

  1. Imagine yourself as fit, healthy and well as you'd like to be.
    Think physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

  2. Think of changes you can make in order to feel that way. (More on this in this week's YouTube below - on being comfortable/determining your personal comfort categories)

  3. Plan those changes.

  4. Do what you plan to do.

Put it in your calendar and treat those plans like the meetings and big deals you absolutely MUST show up for.

In order for you to show up for others, you have to show up for you, FIRST.

It's simple.

I didn't say easy.
I said simple - a concept we can all learn to appreciate.

What kind of changes are you ready to create in your life?

It starts with you.

What did you imagine for yourself?
What are you neglecting?
Where are you selling yourself short?
Where does everyone and everything else get the attention before you've taken the time to fill up your fuel tank?

These are the places to make changes, create a plan and learn.