Why There Is Strength In Numbers

It's a Monday and the start to a fresh and fantastic week. I'm sure you've got oodles  of commitments, deadlines and ideas to wrap yourself up in and, before you know it, it's next Sunday evening and you're about to be here at the starting line again.

A common theme I get from my clients (and anyone I end up with in a conversation about wellness) is the overwhelm and  perceived challenge of "fitting it all in".

When you're out to make changes to better care for yourself and, therefrom, to have a better quality of life, honoring the need for support and assistance is crucial to having a plan that actually works.

Without a support team, wellness just becomes another thing on the to do list, adding angst, stress and fatigue instead of the opposite, as is intended.

Part of the plan absolutely must be requesting, delegating and hiring those who can make the changes happen more smoothly and with little setback from overdoing it, taken on too much of a burden  and/or discouragement.


The first step in requesting, delegating and hiring a support team is sitting down and assessing what you need and want, what you can feasibly and readily provide for yourself and, those things you cannot do for yourself and/or don't feel particularly gifted or trustworthy to commit to and guarantee you have.


For many years I have supplemented my nutrition and wellness biz by teaching Pilates to some long standing clientele.

I absolutely love Pilates and stretching and the self care of self-massage, proper muscle usage and boney alignment. I am well versed in, pay close attention to and understand my own body. I work it hard AND do wonderful therapies for myself.

About 5 months ago, I realized that didn't cut it anymore. I was in need of a support that could help me move through soreness and heavy muscle use in my aerial dance hobby and Pilates just wasn't enough.  So, I booked a weekly massage with a Swedish Massage Therapist and I have been rejuvenated like you wouldn't believe. She also teaches me about Ayurvedic and holistic health practices, healing arts and general connectedness in a way I cannot learn about and delve so deeply in to on my own. She's an important member of my support team and everything has been better since we began.

This may sound indulgent.

In some cases it might be and, with the stress and demand I've put on my body my whole life, it's necessary for me.

I also have a cardiologist for my funky heart, a therapist for my creative mind, a meditation teacher to deepen my practice and a goddess circle to support me being a powerful woman, to name a few more of my own supporters.



Sit down and make a list of what you need, as I mentioned above.

Think about all aspects of wellness:







I'm each aspect, pin point three needs.

Go from need to need to determine if you can readily, easily give it to yourself.

If you can and you are giving it to yourself, great.

If you can and you aren't giving it to yourself, time to plan and make that happen, easily.

If you cannot give it to yourself, time to stretch the comfort you have with support and connection and start requesting, delegating and hiring.

Maybe you need a behavioral health coach to get you through this first step, hire me for that  😄

No man (or woman) is an island. Get that dream team in order and make your transition to a healthier you, a breeze.