Why Sharing Is Important

This week I've spent a lot of time thinking and looking at relationships. Relationships have been an area that I have put effort into in order to really feel "fed" and "nourished" in all aspects of my life.  I share about it to let you know that, we are in this together. 

The relationships we have are meant to build us up and have us grow in such a way that we are supported, give support, feel seen and heard and practice listening for others. 

One thing I've always had trouble with is the slippery slope of sharing. 

Ideally, you have no restraints and can share yourself freely with every person you relate with. 

Social norms, professional boundaries and personal insecurities often put you into a box where sharing has to be judicious and somewhat censored. 

I am an Entreprenuer and take my work very seriously. I'm professional about how I meet with and work with clients and collaborators and...

I share.  

My sharing is not to make it about me but, rather, to find common ground, empathy and compassion and bring it to the surface so I can better connect personally, even in the professional climate. 

Not everyone has the luxury of being so open and exposed. 

I have compassion and empathy for that. I have memories of a time when I felt that my personal life was mine to deal with and burdening another by sharing it was inappropriate or unprofessional. Since I've made the conscious choice to share freely, I've seen that those who are receptive and participate with their own sharing are the clients, collaborators and friends I form lifelong, deep connections with. 

To me, that's the goal. To deeply connect, be seen and feel supported allows for so much more room to grow...for both, in any type of relationship. 

Do you have people in your life that know the dirt or do you have a somewhat manufactured, social media "appropriate" advertisement of your life --- the good stuff and only the good --- on display?

Do you know who's got your back?

Do you know how powerful it is to be at "your worst" and still experience a feeling of being whole, simply from having the support of another?


These are things you can create. 

Making the conscious choice to share yourself may be met with some resistance and rejection. That's ok!  That's how you learn who's with you and...who isn't. 

Then you get to make more and more conscious choices to create a support system and to provide that kind of support in as many relationships as you hold dear. 

One great friend is worth more than 1000 fair weather acquaintances. 

The people who see you will see how important a relationship they are in and will respond and, most likely, find ease and relief in having your relationship deepen. 

We are only as strong as the foundation that holds us up. 

Build that for yourself. 

Take some time this week to practice sharing and showing yourself the love you deserve from being free and open.