5 benefits of having a wellness coach

We all have goals and aspirations.

We all have needs to be met and wants and desires to fulfill.

Each and every human being has a drive to be something, go somewhere, feel a certain way and have experiences. I'm sure a few just popped into your head right now.

"I need to feel appreciated and loved."
"I need company and support."
"I want to see 50 countries by time I'm 50."
"I want to eat a meal at a Michelin Star Restaurant."
"I want to grow my own herbs."
"I want to learn to ballroom dance."

Those are some of mine 🤓

Some of your wants and needs seem legitimate and achievable while others seem like they can only be seen seriously as dreams and fantasies.

You will achieve those dreams in your next life, when you live the lifestyle of a rich, famous leader of nations.

The truth is, if you want or need something, NOW is the time.

Where there's a true will and faith in the process, there's no such thing as an impossible dream.

In my work I often come across clients who want to take better care of their bodies, be more connected to themselves, their surroundings and their daily lives. 

They may want to heal ailments or deter the aging process.

They may want to lose weight or feel stronger and look better.
They may want to be more confident in their choices and whether or not they are beneficial to their health and wellness goals.

No matter why someone shows up for my coaching, they are stuck and stopped and really want the support and confidence to make it happen for themselves.

In every case, the stuck-ness is not because their commitment or their goals is too lofty and unachievable.
99 times out of 100, the stuck-ness is because of their reason for being there in the first place.

Clients come with a desire for results mistaken for goals.

Goals are aspirations that allow you to experience yourself and your life while feeling a certain way, be it happy, energized, inspired, loved, etc.
Creating goals that transform your experience inspires you to get moving in the direction of your (very achievable) dreams.

I promise, starting a wellness plan with the idea that being more physically fit or losing 20 pounds are goals is a recipe for disaster.
Physical fitness or weight loss might be a RESULT but the GOAL is to feel empowered or connected to yourself and your health.

I had a client come into my office demanding I help her lose weight.

I got the history of beauty, brains and success, the current conditions and previous medical history in about 35 seconds.
THEN...she launched into 25 things she was NOT willing to do and what she KNEW absolutely would not work for her.

"I'm not giving up drinking. I am too stressed out. I need and deserve a drink after work."
"I hate cardio.  I won't do it."
"Don't even think about telling me to cook or grocery shop.  I don't have the time or the energy."
"I understand and follow portions. I eat really balanced meals and not very much. Normal recommendations just don't work for me"
"I hate cheerleading."
and so on and so on...

I sat quietly listening for about 5 minutes and then gently interrupted.

Me: "So, it sounds like you're stressed out, frustrated, over-worked and disheartened."

Lovely She (LS): "Well, yes."

Me: "and, you think you are here to lose weight...If you lost weight, how would you feel?"

LS: "I'd feel confident and capable."

Me: "How exactly does weight loss equal confidence and capability?  How does losing weight make you confident?  How does it make you capable?  I can see that you might see the effort as an example of your capabilities but your confidence...because you weigh less you are confident?
Have you ever done anything and succeeded in spite of a lack of confidence?"

LS: "Yes. All the time at work."

Me: "How does that feel?"

LS: "Like I am fooling people. I am anxious and I feel like I get by by the skin of my teeth."

Me: "Does that feel good?"

LS: "When I am done I feel relief and then more anxiety because I know what is next is being asked to do more."

Me: "Do you get that you are doing the same thing here?
You are anxious and worried you'll fail with a million excuses why you can't BECAUSE you aren't confident in yourself.
What if, instead of losing weight as the goal, the GOAL were to be confident?
I can promise you, you'll feel better about yourself and your weight as a RESULT."

LS: "That sounds like a plan."

LS got her results. She's also a radiant happy, easy-going gal these days. Confidence was the first step in her loosening the reigns on herself and being a more relaxed, happy person.

Reading this you're likely saying "hmm, I could do that."
As in: You could be confident and have magical unicorn dreams come true.
You could.
Anyone could, really.  The likelihood of having success on your own is far less than if you have support.

Coaching provides that support.

Some other benefits from having a coach include:

  1. Having someone be straightforward and honest with you about what they observe about your actions.  
  2. Having someone hold you accountable for the goals you set and the actions you take.
  3.  Having someone who sees you as the achiever you want to be and sets the bar for you to reach it.
  4. Having someone to remind you why you're doing what you're doing to improve yourself and your life.
  5. Having someone who's purpose is to want for you what you want for you and supports you in exactly that.

Coaching helps you see, from the support of a fresh, unattached set of eyes, how you get in your own way.  It has you be honest with yourself and uncover whatever blocks you have in the way of achieving your goals.  It helps you challenge yourself.

Think about a coach you had for a team or for your music or dance lessons when you were a child.  She's wasn't going to let you get off doing less when she's asked you for more.                                                                                                                                                             It takes someone who believes you can and requests that of you.
                                                                                                                                                  Coaching keeps what you want and need fresh and keeps you from making all the excuses that stopped you before.
It helps you keep your word and your eye on the prize until those amazing goals you've set for yourself are yours and you truly feel the way you want to feel and experience yourself and your life exactly as you dreamed.

So why not try it out?  Sign up on the booking tab of this website today.