What Moves You? - The Harvest Method

Last week was the first of two weeks I've chosen to spend this writing time talking about what forms the basis for your project: love, me.  I love talking about what the harvest method actually is and removing the veil of mystery, if you will.  It's fairly simple - Food that feeds you, like we talked about last week, and Movement that moves you, this week's topic. 

I like to think about and experience my life as a series of events and happenings that I've reacted or responded to...that had me feel a certain way and inspired me to act on those feelings.

Living is getting moved to make a move.  That's a fun way for me to put it.  

Most nutritionists and health conscious folks will tell you diet and exercise is the key to feeling and looking your best. 

I disagree.

Dieting is ridiculous.  Learning to feed yourself is where the gold is.

Exercise is punishing.  Learning to move your body in a way that moves you, your mind, your heart and your soul is the secret.  'Being moved' has such a deep seeded meaning to me.  You rarely remember the mundane and routine aspects of your days, weeks, months and years.  You can recall and tell tales of moments where you were moved to tears, fits of rage, outbursts of laughter and sheer joy or excitement.  

Something moved you.  You were inspired into being present and you recorded that memory so you could hope to find your way back to that feeling (being moved) again.  Even when the memory isn't positive, you record, because you're human and being human, in my opinion, has so much to do with the experience of feeling, deeply.

You can find that in how you care for yourself - Being moved to gratitude for what your body can do or acceptance and understanding for what limitations you have.  

Pause and listen to the way you talk to yourself.  Listen to how you feel in response to assessing your body - how you look, how talented you are, how it feels to be in your skin.  Make a conscious effort to choose that communication you have with yourself carefully.  Be mindful of how you steer your thoughts and what you focus on.  

Let yourself be moved to feel.

Choose activities and interests that move you into a positive, whole and healthy place. 

It takes practice and, it's worth it.