💌The Importance Of Nourishing Breath👃👄💨

Moments of breath give you the space to pauseclear your head and discover positive, forward-moving thoughts and ideas.  It is an opportunity to give yourself time and ease and love
When it seems insurmountable, impossible or even detrimental - take a breath. The answers are there. New plans and promises arrive along with new ways to connect and create. 

Breathing allows you the space to let what has happened go.  You can choose to declare it finished and clear a space to move forward without that weight or opinion fogging your vision. 

There is nothing you can't handle. 

There is nowhere you need to be or get. 

There is nothing that cannot be resolved by communication and being responsible for your actions. 

There is always the opportunity for you to choose to start again. 

Let your breath guide you to it.

Practice: Schedule 10-15 Minutes In The AM And/Or PM To Sit And, Simply, Breathe