๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’™ Project: Love, Me - This Skill Set Is The Foundation For True Strength, Trust, Courage and Confidence๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’“

True strength has nothing to do with muscles.  It has nothing to do with fighting for yourself.  It has nothing to do with arguing to win or prove yourself right.  

True strength has nothing to do with how much money you have or how "successful" you are (by the current world's superficial, tangible standards of success).

True strength lies in the level at which you trust YOURSELF.  

It's backing out and choosing a new path when you don't feel aligned with your company or your surroundings.  

Yes, quit that job.  Fire those friends.  Spend more time alone and nurturing the relationships with those who are on your wave.

Even if they've been there all this time, you've done this forever or you feel obligated.

Excuse my french, but - FUCK obligation.

The only obligation you actually have is paying full-on, absolute attention to what is aligned with YOU and who you chose to be, what you choose to do and, therefrom, have.  You are obligated to this because you + you are the two who are going through this.  You + you are the trust that needs to be solid.  You + you are on a mission.  

Remember last week's attention to purpose?  Did you get closer to yours?  Did you figure it out?

You have to align with that.

That's what you've got to trust. 

Courage comes with that.  Your heart, expressed is courage.  That can only happen when you're connected to you and why you're here.  That internal knowing, that understanding of your, very personal, "why" is the most confident space you can inhabit. 

It pairs with ease, with the ability to stay present, drop the past and create your future.  It pairs with freeing yourself up to live and thrive.  It makes being nourished and moved by your life necessary.

That's when self-care becomes natural.  That's when you stop questioning yourself.

But how do you get to that true strength, that trust, that courage and that confidence?

1. Listen.  Listen to what people say in your environment.  Make the conscious effort to be present and ABSORB what your hear.  Yes, this is necessary.  You have to tune in to what you regularly consider white noise and LISTEN.  

2. Connect to your body.  Feel how what you've absorbed EFFECTS you.  It does.  It has a major impact, especially if you were just letting it in, to wash over you and infect you with negativity and judgment and shit that is OUT OF INTEGRITY with who you are.  Scan your body from toes to head.  Scan the spaces where your internal knowing resonates - In your solar plexus, your heart, your throat.  See how your mind reacts.  Do you want to run?  Do you want to fight?  Do you want to fix something?  Are you anxious?  Are you worried?  If you are any of the previous, you've absorbed some NOISE that isn't aligned with you.

3. Note the noise.  Write it down.  Explore why it creates such a reaction.  Ask yourself, "What am I here for?".  "How does this distance me from that?"  "How much of me is lost in LISTENING to this?"  "What would be better, more supportive info to absorb?"  "What kind of love and relatedness would nourish me?"

4. Pivot.  Physically move yourself away and turn towards the positive.  Just declare it.  I like to yell "pivot" and then, well, pivot, and look for light, look for the positive.  I murder negative moments.  The moment I'm processing them, they are already past, aren't they?  They can't be changed and, since they are over - REST IN PEACE.  I'm through with you.  Pivot to positive.  

Think about that process.  Apply it to an experience you are in right now or processing or frustrated by or just can't seem to get past.  Think about what you listened to.  Feel how it is effecting you.  Make a note about how NOT ALIGNED with WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR that experience was.  Get What would be.  PIvot to it.

Enter peace - true strength, trust, courage and confidence.

You are a powerful person.  Use it.