🔥💥Spices: Creating An Arsenal Of Flavor In Your Kitchen💥🔥

What do you do when you start a new...anything?  
You get ready, grab the best you've got, show up and poise yourself to grow (I hope!!). Just like that new, first day of school outfit, you're going to get a new arsenal of flavor in your kitchen.  
Spices get old.  They expire, especially if they're grounded up.  They can get moldy or grow bacteria, yes, but the real reason you replace them every 6 months is that old spices loose flavor.That's the whole point of using them - to drop a flavor bomb into your already amazing cooking creations to make them, even better.

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How To Feel Fulfilled

Flow can be achieved when you realize and live into the idea that responsibility, commitment, leisure and fun are all the same.  Whether you find yourself in the midst of meetings, commitments and to-do lists or you find yourself relaxing, laughing and playing, flow comes from a settled internal environment.

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How Commitment Can Change Your Life

Nothing in life comes without some sort of effort. Whether it's personal effort to change your mindset, habits, interactions, or connections, etc., you have to show up (effort) in order to keep moving forward. 

The fun part about that?

Showing up is 90% of it all. The rest, doing what you say you'll do upon showing up...piece of cake. 

Let your life be interesting.  Make commitments. Join the ranks of human beings working to and for something. Believe you can. 

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