💛💙Project: Love, Me - Here's Some Guidance To Getting Your Purpose ❤💚

Watch children.  They get what it is to be free.  They get what it is to be totally immersed in what they're dreaming about.  They get what excitement lies in experiments and learning.  They get the newness of every moment.  They get purpose.

All purpose is is finding what lights you up, inspires you to keep going and let's you feel involved and indispensable in your experience. 

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🙊🙅Today's Detox: Get A Life Worth Living - Kill The Gossip🙅🙊

With every story comes the facts and, as it is shared and shared, comes the augmentation, the lies, the rumors and the misinformation. Your personal opinions and the point of view you hold about another, whether or not your ego finds that opinion founded, clouds your delivery.  The story gets warped and it has a impact.   

Unless you are speaking with the person or persons involved, you have no right to share anything about another. This goes for positive gossip as well.

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