Why There Is Strength In Numbers

The first step in requesting, delegating and hiring a support team is sitting down and assessing what you need and want, what you can feasibly and readily provide for yourself and, those things you cannot do for yourself and/or don't feel particularly gifted or trustworthy to commit to and guarantee you get.

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7 steps to making change

  1. Sit down and look at how little or how much time and attention you give to how you feed yourself, how much sleep and exercise you get, how often you visit a doctor, healer, specialist or counselor for those things that aren't feeling great.
  2. Acknowledge the things you put aside.  
  3. Be honest with yourself about what you need to change in order to take better care of yourself.
  4. Promise yourself you will.

  5. Schedule an easy step to take to start.

  6. Take that step.

  7. Get support if you have trouble keeping your promises.

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