💌The Importance Of Nourishing Breath👃👄💨

Moments of breath give you the space to pauseclear your head and discover positive, forward-moving thoughts and ideas.  It is an opportunity to give yourself time and ease and love
When it seems insurmountable, impossible or even detrimental - take a breath. The answers are there. New plans and promises arrive along with new ways to connect and create.

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💌 The Importance Of Nourishing Rest 😴 💤

It's wake up time!  No more hibernating.  No more hiding out in the cave.

I hope you worked on amazing things this winter.  I hope you're coming back out refreshed and invigorated and inspired to grow and to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF while you're at it.  

Even though it's time to wake up, an essential part of nourishing yourself is making certain you still get enough rest.

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💫Here's A FoolProof Recipe For Your Daily Super Smoothie💫

My recipe for a highly nutritious and delicious shake is easy to create and test for yourself.  

The shakes in this be nourished plan follow the building blocks I propose to ensure you're meeting the nutritional needs you have.

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self-care saturdays mat class #4

I taught a therapeutic class for the last of my month-long free series. Hope some of you took advantage of the love and pro tips :). I'll keep the post on my Facebook Page and add it to my YouTube if you want to wait until another hour to give your body some needed attention. 
You do you. However it works for you.
Know I love you.
Please share if you get something from this class or know someone you think might. 

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