this is the #1 reason you fail to lose weight

1. Imagine yourself as fit, healthy and well as you'd like to be.

Think physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, creatively and spiritually.

2. Think of changes you can make in order to feel that way. 

3. Plan those changes.

4. Do what you plan to do.


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Food that feeds. Movement that moves...YOU

Connecting to your own fuel, the food that feeds YOU and the stuff that makes you jump out of bed in the morning to go out and be somebody who believes in something...that moves YOU.


that's your project: love, me.


That's what The Harvest Method brings out in you and inspires you to be.


No one else will choose the same way. No one else will feel fed and moved by the same things that get you going.

That's just one more thing that makes you special and important and a gift to the rest of us.

You are uniquely you.

Connecting to who that is is your fuel.


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Let it out

Give yourself the time and space to feel whatever it is your feeling. The deeper you go, the closer you get to understanding. Your heart, your intuition and your spirit know what is happening. Within yourself, a space is held for you to allow for the "why" to come forward.  It is right there. It always has been. Letting out what is masking it from you let's you see and the understanding you develop frees your need to repress.

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