💛💙Project: Love, Me - Here's Some Guidance To Getting Your Purpose ❤💚

Watch children.  They get what it is to be free.  They get what it is to be totally immersed in what they're dreaming about.  They get what excitement lies in experiments and learning.  They get the newness of every moment.  They get purpose.

All purpose is is finding what lights you up, inspires you to keep going and let's you feel involved and indispensable in your experience. 

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💭Thoughts Become Things - Put It On Paper💭

Every thought you generate becomes something. That thing could be an act

of kindness, self-care or love. It could be an act of aggression or spite. It could

be a reaction. It could be a response. It could piggy-back on your past

experience. It could be a whole new, fresh beginning. It could be forgiving. It

could be resentful. It could have any and every emotion.

No matter what the thought, you are recording it as a fact and that fact

could make or break everything and anything going forward.

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