💓💛💙 Project: Love, Me - This Skill Set Is The Foundation For True Strength, Trust, Courage and Confidence💜💚💓

The only obligation you actually have is paying full-on, absolute attention to what is aligned with YOU and who you chose to be, what you choose to do and, therefrom, have.  You are obligated to this because you + you are the two who are going through this.  You + you are the trust that needs to be solid.  You + you are on a mission.  

Remember last week's attention to purpose?  Did you get closer to yours?  Did you figure it out?

You have to align with that.

That's what you've got to trust. 

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🔥💥Spices: Creating An Arsenal Of Flavor In Your Kitchen💥🔥

What do you do when you start a new...anything?  
You get ready, grab the best you've got, show up and poise yourself to grow (I hope!!). Just like that new, first day of school outfit, you're going to get a new arsenal of flavor in your kitchen.  
Spices get old.  They expire, especially if they're grounded up.  They can get moldy or grow bacteria, yes, but the real reason you replace them every 6 months is that old spices loose flavor.That's the whole point of using them - to drop a flavor bomb into your already amazing cooking creations to make them, even better.

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You can't have a whole life if you only look at, tend to and practice perfection as much as you can’t have a whole life if you practice zero awareness or attention.

There's beauty and a wholeness in the grey area. 

Just as a perfectly portioned, nutrient dense gold star-of-a-diet could be considered the light/good/right side of nutrition,

a king-sized burger, fries and an Oreo milkshake could be considered the dark/bad/wrong. 

What about the grey/neutral/balanced area?


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The Power Of The Breath

There is nothing you can't handle. 

There is nowhere you need to be or get. 

There is nothing that cannot be resolved by communication, being responsible for your actions. 

There is always the opportunity for you to choose to start again. 

Just breathe.

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