🔥💥Spices: Creating An Arsenal Of Flavor In Your Kitchen💥🔥

I'm starting this post off with an assumption.  Why read anything I'm producing if taking your health and well-being on and making it of dire importance isn't in your trajectory? So, here's that assumption: You're cooking now.  

You're starting new, positive habits and behaviors

Think of it like the first day of school. You are embarking on a journey to learn you and what you need and want and can make time for in order to be honored and cared for.  
What do you do when you start a new...anything?  
You get ready, grab the best you've got, show up and poise yourself to grow (I hope!!). Just like that new, first day of school outfit, you're going to get a new arsenal of flavor in your kitchen.  
Spices get old.  They expire, especially if they're grounded up.  They can get moldy or grow bacteria, yes, but the real reason you replace them every 6 months is that old spices loose flavor.That's the whole point of using them - to drop a flavor bomb into your already amazing cooking creations to make them, even better
The Harvest Method uses this as a preliminary step in setting yourself up for health, wellness and deliciousness. My forthcoming program provides recipes that will have you stock that spicke rack with the best flavors you can find.  Start fresh.  Toss the old stuff.
Same goes for the baking goods, only these spoil and can make you sick.  Clean out the pantry.  Make room for wellness and we'll keep moving.  

Action: Get rid of anything in your spice rack or pantry that's older than 6 months.

The program is coming, April first is an opportunity for you to dive deeply into taking the best care of you.  Spring is coming!  Get ready.