Showing Up For Yourself

That "To-Do" list...

Whether it's to keep your job, keep your word to your partner/friend/collaborator, keep things running smoothly or to assuage the fear of missing out...there are a lot of places you need to be and things you need to do to keep it tight and going "right".

But what about YOU in all of this?

Are you giving the same due diligence to what YOU, within yourself need?

What about your job as YOUR #1 caretaker, listener, feeder and believer in yourself?

What about your word to YOU?

What about YOUR iron clad wellness and self-care you even have one?

How much will YOU miss if you're checked out or, worse yet, not here to be where you said you'd be or doing what you said you'd do?

If there's anything I've learned from putting my everything into being a dancer and then into making it in NYC, getting this masters degree and having this business and all the other things I've been through, have done and am doing, the one trait that has me coming back for more, no matter what the resistance, pitfall or that my relationship with me, getting what I need and taking care of myself is #1.  

My resilience stems from showing up for ME.

I created my Project --- Project: Love, Me to support my self-care and self-love/acceptance plan because I never wanted to slow down or lose any part of myself.  I'd be an artist and a scientist, a party-goer and a health-nut, an extroverted introvert and all the other parts of me that I hold so dear, without fail, through it all.  

Remember...failure only comes when we give up.

We falter.  I've had the experience of letting go of ME, big time.  I've put myself to the side in very unhealthy ways throughout my life.  

Every time, the lesson reappears...Project: Love, Me.

I am the most valuable player in all of this because this is MY life.

So, I am writing to YOU today to ask YOU if you'd be ever so kind to yourself and make that effort.

Connect with YOU.  Love and care for and accept the soul living in your skin and let him or her grow and thrive before you pay one iota of attention to anything else.

Just for a day...24 hours --- all YOU.

See what you get and what you've been neglecting.

See how much smoother the rest is when you return to your regular programming with a full tank.

See how much you can carry on from just one day of full on relating with YOU.

Resilience is learned.  You just have to show up for yourself to get really, really good at it.

It's the door to what's possible.  

That, to me, is worth the practice.