💫Here's A FoolProof Recipe For Your Daily Super Smoothie💫

Shakes and juices are popping up in every grocery, health-based email list, grab-n-go shop and typical diet plan.  Replacing a meal with a shake isn't necessarily a healthy choice, however.  

Dairy based shakes can cause digestive upset.  

Added protein powders, in excess, can tax your kidneys.  

Fruit juices and mostly fruit content pack too much sugar into a drinkable meal.  

Pre-blended/brand name shakes have added preservatives and added sugar. 

Finding the time to sit and chew and enjoy, in an ideal world, wouldn't be an issue.  Since we are in an on-the-go culture and can't easily commit to meal-times, having a shake that packs in the highest nutritional content, sustains you and tastes good is a good compromise. 

Juices do not suffice as a meal replacement.  

Without the fibrous portion of the fruits and veggies, they are mostly sugar and don't provide adequate energy.  Juicing may induce weight loss, but it isn't healthful and, it isn't sustainable.  

My recipe for a highly nutritious and delicious shake is easy to create and test for yourself.  

The shakes in this be nourished plan follow the building blocks I propose to ensure you're meeting the nutritional needs you have.

1 c Greens  



1 serving of Fruit


1 Tbsp Nuts/Nut Butter/Seeds


1 c Vegan "Milk"/Water

That's it.  Add anything you want on top of this core recipe, but don't subtract!

Check out these three examples to get some inspiration:

Shake #1
½c spinach
1/2 banana
½c raspberries
1T flax seeds (ground)
1T almond butter
1c water

Shake #2
2 celery stalks
1c kale
½ granny smith apple
½ lime (juice) 
 1T coconut oil
 1c almond milk

Shake #3
1/2 cucumber
1/4 avocado
1/2 c blueberries
lemon, 2 tsp fresh juice
1/2 c mango
1/2 c pineapple
1 T ground flaxseed
1 c coconut milk
1 T Maca powder

These are 3/21 lunch-time smoothie recipes tat are included in my 21-day Be Nourished program.  Keep an eye out for it arriving to my site for purchase on March 21st!

Challenge: get creative and go try some concoctions for yourself.

If you love this and want a sample of three full days of my Be Nourished Program Click here.

Have a great week!

Love, me