Practical Magic

There's no compliment I like more than being told I'm magical.

You just get things done.  You're always in a flow.  You can handle so much.  You're so graceful..and magical.  

Why, thank you!  

It definitely wasn't always that way.  Frankly, I had a long stretch where I had a good story about bad karma and failure and bad luck.

 Then, simply, I got that it's:

  1. how I feel about me 
  2. what I find purpose in 
  3. what I choose to see
  4. how I choose to look at my experience 

that allows for life, and my experience to be magical or...un-magical.

It takes something, some bravery, some courage, to look into the shadows that keep us from feeling good about ourselves.

You do get that shadows can only be if there's light, right?  Something blocks the light to make a shadow.  Wouldn't it be great to get that thing out of the way to let the light shine in?

It takes some deeper work to see and feel and be purposeful.

It takes a high level of presence to see whether or not you're looking at your life through fresh eyes or tinging your experience with negativity and un-magical thinking.

In all practicality, it's brave to jump in.  When you get there, you'll see it's just a series of choices that allow for magic.  

Choose bravery.

Choose possibility.

Choose to grow and honor and heal yourself and take the best care you can.

That's the seed of magic.  From there, life can become more and more magical with every passing day.  Just keep practicing.