The Power Of The Breath

Happy Monday!


Hold on to your hat, lovebird. 


This week is absolutely a love letter that will give you a glimpse of rachel harvest practicing the harvest method and project love me is real time.   




I'm in such a flow. 

The happenings of the past two weeks have been absolutely kismet. 

And...I had an experience that seems so simple yet, meditatively, it's a perfect play in the game of the practice of life. 


If you didn't notice, there was no newsletter last Monday. 

What happened - I filled my plate with so much ooey gooey delicious planning, events, professional and personal commitment that I was absolutely STUFFED and couldn't finish the meal. 


I found myself fixing and hurrying and praying is find the time to get it all in. 

I didn't trust that I could or realize that the world doesn't end when I don't keep a promise or do what I said I'd do. 

I procrastinated and assumed that I'd be able to get that little love letter out to you and that everything would just work last minute. WIFI. 




Now, at first I went down the rabbit hole. Down, down I spiraled into apocalyptic thinking. 

The drama ensued. 

My internal dialogue looked a lot like this;

"This is how I share this work. 

This is how I give people insight into what I have seen and believe wholeheartedly is the way to be happy and live a freaking fantastic, exciting and love-filled life. 

This is how I build trust with my audience so they are confident in trying it on to see if it fits and works for see if they can choose to learn and love harder and harder every day and in every moment. 

And if I don't do what I say I'll do. 

Trust destroyed"


rut ro...


Now there's a little glimpse into how black and white my mind can get and how, sometimes, when I'm feeling vulnerable or incompetent  I just might be the one who stops trusting.  


Hey...I am human.


Then I started playing the victim.  


"Why can't I just be successful enough to have an assistant? 

I need help. 

I can't do this alone. 

I am always the one who has to figure it all out. 

When in goddess' name am I going to get a break?"


This all happened in about 2 minutes. 

Then I laughed, shut my laptop and sat to breathe. 


From those moments of breath that I gave myself came this idea...this opportunity to share more deeply on what it looks like to give yourself time and ease and love and just breathe. 


The answers are there. New plans and promises arrive. New ways to connect and create. 


All of this post and the ones that I've got in the works for the weeks to come came from this little hiccup. 


I just let what happened go. Declared it complete and moved forward. 


There is nothing you can't handle. 

There is nowhere you need to be or get. 

There is nothing that cannot be resolved by communication, being responsible for your actions. 

There is always the opportunity for you to choose to start again. 

Just breathe.