On being inspired

From the start, I declare that Project: Love, Me is not a personal plan to "get better" or "fix". It's not self-help. It's not just for you. It's not meant to be hidden work you are doing on the side. My intention is that your Project: Love, Me is something you share and share and share, readily and easily because the real basis of this project is LIVING your life. It's the project of living fully and happily and as you truly are for yourself and every other living thing on this planet.

To me, that's worth sharing, every second I can get.

Today I want to talk about inspiration.

I have to be inspired. Absolutely must. Because I absolutely must be inspired, I find myself on a constant adventure to learn, read, sample, take risks, seek out, see, and take in. I am addicted to being present to what is in front of me.

It's not a problem.

Whether I am the creator, participator or observer of what I find as my inspiration plays no role in the level I am inspired.

Inspiration is a state that has no levels. I either am or I am not, and, as is my commitment to self, these days, I am rarely not.

Inspiration has everything to do with being totally, effortlessly and unceasingly HERE. It's being in it...letting everything else melt to the side - no distractions, no noise, no thoughts, no pain, no judgment, no fear - just you and inspiration - being inspired. What I have found, thus far, in my own project: love, me - my own journey - is how inspired I am by being witness to another human getting connected to what inspires them! I can not get enough of watching that pilot light catch a spark, a face flush, pupils dilating, ease and relaxation becoming obvious from a body's recognition of the FACT that there is absolutely nowhere you have to be and no one you have to prove yourself to and nothing you need. I am inspired by witnessing the moment when a person chooses to be where she is and take THAT in.

It's all right there. When you're inspired, action is easy. You do what it takes, effortlessly. You don't even realize how challenging another might find what you're up to. You don't run out of time. You become a master of doing it all. You do nothing you don't want to. You do nothing you aren't inspired by. You get that you are really only connected where you are charged up and blazing about being alive.

Inspiration makes you want to connect...

and inspired people do what they want...

and they give up what does not inspire them so they can stay connected. 


As an inspired person, I have to address this...Does all that and so much more uninspiring talk creep back in here and there?

Of course it does.

Do I get knocked back and down and out?

Of course I do.

It's actually pretty glorious a spectacle when it happens (Rachel is not pretty when she's hanging out in not-so-inspired land). I put that in here because,  I'm human and subject to all that fear that knocks every one of us into the safety zone. I am also an exceptionally articulate feeler and I am really well-trained and practiced at getting myself from the safety zone right back out to free and expressed. The more I continue to train and practice, the more proficient I become. I'm constantly adding tools to my belt to grab at and use to get those sticky times unstuck.  This is why I call my work The Harvest Method.  Yes, Harvest is my last name.  Harvesting is also the act of collecting what you've planted, nurtured and grown, putting it all together and sharing a beautiful bounty. That's what I do when I meet and work with the beautiful humans who come to me for guidance, education, support and inspiration.

I have learned all of this and continue so that I can share it with you. I am insanely insatiably inspired and I want you to be too.

As for this writing, I've never been more excited about adding something to my list. Because I get that providing the possibility of inspiration to you readers through sharing what I've seen and done and continue to explore, inspires me.

I want to make magic in the world. The best way to do that is to share what you've gotten for others to learn. In sharing, I become a master of inspiration.

Nope... I don't have a single complaint about that.

Go be real, ok?  
I'll write you another love letter next week.

love, me