Scare tactics 
Inflammatory language 
Worst case scenarios 
Erring on the side of caution 

All of these methods are the popular means to tricking, duping or manipulating you into purchasing or buying-in to another health product, supplement, program or set of rules for pristine, whole and well lives. 

Whole living implies a balance of all parts. 

You can't have a whole life if you only look at, tend to and practice perfection as much as you can’t have a whole life if you practice zero awareness or attention.

There's beauty and a wholeness in the grey area. 

Just as a perfectly portioned, nutrient dense gold star-of-a-diet could be considered the light/good/right side of nutrition,

a king-sized burger, fries and an Oreo milkshake could be considered the dark/bad/wrong. 

What about the grey/neutral/balanced area?

As I see it, there's only three things you have to concern yourself with when it's time to eat. 

  1. Are you eating a broad spectrum of foods - in all food groups and categorizations (yes, even sweets)?
  2. Are you enjoying the ritual of feeding yourself?
  3. Are you present? 

If you're hitting all the stops, trying all the dishes, making variety king in your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack'll get what you need.

You also won't get stuck in a food jag (eating the same meals, day in and day out). 

You also won't explode from your anal retentive perfectionism. 

You also won't run off the rails into a sugar/saturated fat/processed/alcohol-heavy downward spiral of "bad" choices. 

You'll have all of it…the "good" the "bad" and, dare I say, the delicious. 

  • If you ENJOY what you eat, whilst varying what fills your plate, you'll connect with your food and the way you are nourishing yourself. You'll have a positive experience to associate with mealtime. 

No matter what else is going on in your day, week, month or life,

mealtime is a time to indulge. 

This could be an indulgence in your health, an indulgence in a sweet treat, an indulgence in the great company you share your meal with or, simply, indulging in the joy on eating.  


  • If you are mixing it up and enjoying the'll stay with the experience. You won't get distracted by the “to-do” list 

or the components of the meal 

or how you look 

or who you are 

or whatever else you daydream and de-focus into during your ”you time". 

Yes, meal time is "you time". 

Everybody else and everything else, take a number and wait. 

This time is for you. 

Explore the grey area. Stop your rigid rules and connect with yourself during the time you spend throughout your day meeting this basic need. 

That's a healthy, whole way to eat.