Me, Moming Myself

In this week's Project: Love, Me TV, I talk about a whole bunch of questions that can support you in creating the ideal nurturing environment within yourself.  

Since I'm totally committed to living my message and doing my method myself, I thought I'd share what answers I give to those Qs when I respond from a calm, whole, supportive and (ideal mom-like) space (and then maybe you'll sit and take that on for yourself too).

Here goes!

What does the ideal mother look like, act like and give to you?
She's soft, kind, supportive, calm and pretty :)

How does she feed you?
She pays close attention to fun and variety, that I have enough and enjoy my food, that I learn and experiment with different textures, flavors, spices and ethnic influences and that I eat slow enough to be mindful.

How does she make you feel safe?
She lets me know I can always ask for support, I don't need to know all the answers, I am perfect, whole and complete just as I am and I am here to learn, not get everything perfect.

How does she build you up and give you confidence?
She lets me be myself and learn from all of my experiences.  She doesn't make me wrong.

How does she listen?
She holds space, is patient, attentive and wholly interested.

How does she speak with you?
She is even-toned, calm and soft.

What does she teach you?
That who I say I am is my choice.  That I get every opportunity that I am open to.  That forgiveness is for me.

What does she let you learn yourself?
What my life is for.

What does she take great care to protect you from?
falling into destructive patterns

Where does she let you have your own experience?
everywhere.  she gets it's all my own experience that I can only share with others.

How often is she there for you?
always, she's within me, in everything she's ever taught me and I'm half her so...

What questions does she answer?
whatever questions I ask, mostly with "You already know the answer.  Find it in yourself."

What does she do when you feel worn out, discouraged, anxious, sad, hopeless and all the other feelings you try to avoid?
She reminds me what I want and need and that taking care of me 1st and foremost lets me be, do and have those things.

What kind of friend is she?
The best.  Unconditionally loving

What is she proud of?
Me, Herself, Humanity

What does she ask of you, for you to grow and be your best self?
Have integrity, be my word, love freely and wholeheartedly and be kind and authentic, always.

That's how I mom myself.

How about you?