Let It In (and other aha type ideas you don't hear EVERYWHERE)

If you haven't heard, "let go", "release attachments", "be in the flow", "have integrity" or any of the other played out meme-content inspiration that's been clogging the interwebs and coaching spaces for about a decade, I'm impressed...because these messages are EVERYWHERE.  

Letting go is important.  I've written on it.  I've coached on it.  I've practiced it.

Something that always comes up right after the practice is practiced..."What now?"

I saw this funny cartoon of this that I shared on my instagram.

enter:  loss of control, downward spiral.  Latching back on.  Ok...let go again.  

I like to add in a level of responsibility that not only has you ACTUALLY let go...it also allows for RAPID change.

Let's say you want to improve your health...


1. Let go of "healthy" meaning a certain weight, having fewer wrinkles or blemishes or some sort of bubble girl level of self-protection and perfectionism.


2. LET IN...

Let in support - friends on the same path, a health coach like myself to hold you accountable, suggestions, events, books, etc., that empower you to INDULGE in your well-being.

or maybe you want a more fulfilling job...


1. Let go of the minutia of criteria and details that that job will fulfill for you, in order for you to be fulfilled (because if you don't feel fulfilled right now, you actually don't know what you need to be fulfilled, k?).  Let go of the timeline and the self-imposed stress.


2. LET IN...

Let in the experience you'll have when you have that job.  How would you feel?  Who would you get to be if you got to do what you truly love for work.  Let that in in all the other parts of your life.

Because when you become open to the possibility of what might be if you let go, it WILL come to your door.  You have to be ready.  That takes becoming SKILLED in the practice of ANSWERING THE DOOR and LETTING IT IN.