How To Stay Positive

I write to you every week with the intention of starting things off in a empowered and positive light and this week, the beginning of a new month and the summer to come has me wanting to share with you about what you can do to have each opportunity occur, for you, as a new inspiring new and fresh beginning.

When you set goals for yourself, be they personal or professional, I am sure there's always a bit of hesitation or trepidation.  You keep them under wraps or in your head and silently hope for the strength to get them accomplished and the experience to go smoothly and easily. 

You trip yourself up from the start, with all of that worry and wringing your hands, you know?

You can't plan out how it's going to go, you can only plan what you're going to do step-by-step, moment to moment.  

That's actually the powerful part!

If you declare what you want by writing it down, making a vision board or, my favorite new way to make dreams a reality, make a pinterest board to gather inspiration and aspiration, you have something to look forward to.  
One of my current projects is my wardrobe.  How I dress is completely my own and constantly in flux.  I would rather hit the consignment shop to rummage and find a beautiful original than head to a shop full of similar and uniform.  I created a great pinterest board to illustrate inspiration for what I'm designing.
The goal is to have me, expressed and creative, every day.

New York tends to be a canvas of soldiers in black.  Train rides and social outings don't really give me that inspiration.  In fact, the dark and drab attire of this city can be a bit depressing.  I use my board to get creative and, also, to keep me positive that I am still here, being me, splashing this dismal island with some COLOR.

I go to the board with my morning tea and on breaks from clients to generate something that I can then plan to find or, sometimes, stitch up on my sewing machine.

That board makes my day.  It's not life-ending if I don't find all of it.  It doesn't ruin my day if I'm not budgeted for a shopping spree.  It's just something that gives me joy.

Follow me on pinterest.  You'll love it.  

Maybe you can start a wellness board?  
"How I want to feel" 
"Healthful choices" - recipes, exercise classes, meditations - you'd like to give a go.  

Then you'll have something to go to to shift negative moments and find something to inspire you to move forward.
You'll have something to grow into and a means to pick yourself up and start again, continuing to plan and do, no matter what icky sticky messy things happen on the way.  

...and they will.  

Life is like a Pollock painting.  
It's not linear.
It's not predictable.  
It's not easy.  
Wouldn't it be more fun to make it all a game, dream and then dance your way through the challenges?

When you start fresh at every opportunity, you can be light and at ease while the storm of life swirls around you.  

Stay positive, my love.