💭Thoughts Become Things - Put It On Paper💭

Be careful what you wish for is a little lenient, honestly. Be careful what you



Every thought you generate becomes something. That thing could be an act of kindness, self-care or love. It could be an act of aggression or spite. It could be a reaction. It could be a response. It could piggy-back on your past experience. It could be a whole new, fresh beginning. It could be forgiving. It could be resentful. It could have any and every emotion.

No matter what the thought, you are recording it as a fact and that fact could make or break everything and anything going forward.

Sounds dramatic, I know.

This thing is, you aren't responsible about your thoughts. You don't sit with them and generate thinking that serves you and others. You reprimand yourself. You think of reasons to say "No" or "I can't" or "It's not possible". You look for things that are wrong with you and, therefrom what's wrong with others and the world. You think cynically and you become cynical.

Practicing deliberate thinking is truly magical.

By training your brain to choose the positive, the light and the forward movement, you succeed and grow and have the energy and ability to pay it forward.

Start with the action exercises below to get in front of your thoughts. It changes everything.

Action Exercises: 

Journal Your Thoughts, Feelings (Physical and Emotional)

Journal Your Goal

Journal What You Are Grateful For (3 Things In The AM)

Journal To Acknowledge Yourself (3 Things In The PM)