How To Face The Tough Stuff

This week feels like spring to me.
I always have to get past Mother's Day to feel fresh and new.
The more you get my story,
the more you can relate.

Mother's Day is tough for me because I lost
my mom a long time ago and, when I'm NOT letting myself freely be as I am and as I'm not, I get a bit frustrated that I haven't met my opportunity to have my own child...yet.

Plainly and frankly, Mother's Day weekend always brings up a bunch of stuff that I've been hiding from myself.

What? Me?!?! The chick with the method and the project about acceptance and love?!?

Yes! Me!  I know this stuff because I live this stuff.

It's a lifelong project. I'll never stop reminding you of that.

I saw that there was something I was feeling that was blocking love.

That's perfect!

Not because of bubbles and sunshine, remember? 
I'm no cheerleader, I'm a hardcore human being...being human.  Upset is part of that.  

It's perfect because, when stuff comes up, I get to practice the harvest method and live project: love, me effort-fully.

So, I did this weekend.
I cried some very old tears and laughed about some beautiful memories. I also got to acknowledge how all of these happenings in my life have allowed me to be as open and present and connected to everyone I meet.

There's beauty in the breakdowns.

Without any dirt or soggy, rainy days, we'd never have May flowers.

I didn't say the mess and the storm don't suck, royally, at times.
I will say that the bright is brighter after the dark.

Beauty is most beautiful when you see it, after a time without.

This is a simple lesson. Remember, simple does not mean easy. It means simple.

Running from, numbing out, pretending, avoiding and ignoring the "negative" is what gets you stuck. It's like trying to walk up the down escalator.
Ride the ride.

There's somewhere to get at the bottom.
Maybe it's not where you want to be going right now
it takes an awful lot more time and effort to try to walk against the flow than riding it out, getting to the end and choosing where to go stillness.

None of my clients like this. No one does, and the people I engage with about it most are usually paying me, so I will talk about what I see there.

They numb with food, over or under-indulging or mindlessly munching away their boredom or upset.
They drink too much alcohol.   
They avoid communicating with their loved ones, hold grudges and make up stories instead of confronting what is really bothering them.
They pretend to be happy, create social media and social setting personalities that are bubbly and fun and always positive.
And they get worn out again and again and go searching for a new cover to run from themselves.

So, we sit with it.
We accept it.
We look at it from the outside and we love how all of it is...exactly how it is (and is not).