How To Feel Fulfilled

It's Monday!

I have to say, I'm in the middle of the best summer of my life. Weddings, trips, parties, huge events. There's just so much going on.   

It's not just exciting and stimulating, it's a great opportunity to practice self care, flow and ease from responsibility and commitment to fun and leisure. 

The Harvest Method puts emphasis on flow in all situations. 

Flow can be achieved when you realize and live into the idea that responsibility, commitment, leisure and fun are all the same.  Whether you find yourself in the midst of meetings, commitments and to-do lists or you find yourself relaxing, laughing and playing, flow comes from a settled internal environment.  

By that, I mean, learning to be centered, creating balance and realizing that nothing happening outside of you has any real effect on your happiness, contentment and fulfillment. 

These three qualities have interchangeable meaning for me.   They are different, yet, conceptually, all three are born from owning your role in choosing to be happy, content and/or fulfilled. 

That can only happen when you stop seeking ease in every scenario. 

If you're living your life, staying present and honoring your experience to the fullest, there will always be hang ups. There will always be requests. You will always be asked to step up to be the best version of yourself or, if you're really living, to be something bigger than yourself.   When you work to be grateful, accepting and willing to learn and apply the lessons you learn from your experiences, fulfillment unfolds and you just roll with the flow.