How Commitment Can Change Your Life

It's another beautiful Monday here in New York and the start to a new season, a season of swim suits and rooftops, beaches and local fruits and veggies. 

To me, summer is the season of love and exploration. 


I always start my summer mapping out where I'm planning to go, how I'll spend my weekends and what time I can give to new projects. 

This summer I'm going to spend on menus and interior design. I love finding new ways to combine foods to eat well and healthfully and make it taste delicious. I tend to use texture as well as flavor when I'm putting together new combinations - a little crunch here, moisture here...a little kick here, some sweet here. I think a dish should be an experience and that doesn't mean it has to have any sugar, sodium or saturated fat added. 

I usually do, however go a bit heavy on the avocados and olives and coconut oil because those fats are good for you, filling and highly recommended (plus, they keep me full longer). 

Interior design is my new bag too. I'm planning a move in November and I want my new home to be me...absolutely me, so, I've got my eyes peeled for what to fill it with to make it home. 

I love to make things, here food and decor, sometimes music, dance, writing, jokes. 

To always be creative is one of my commitments to myself.  Want to take that on too?

Commitments are those things that you see will have you fulfilled and progressing through a very full life. 

Without them, your wishy-washy self feels drab, sluggish and uninspired.  You need a commitment to get the gusto to go for it, take a risk and have what you want or say you need. 

Without commitment, you give up and with that giving up comes a failure. 

If you're committed to achieving, having or fulfilling, you'll be connected to what you're up to.  You'll have ideas and plans to achieve, have or fulfill. You'll do what you say you're going to do. 

Nothing in life comes without some sort of effort. Whether it's personal effort to change your mindset, habits, interactions, or connections, etc., you have to show up (effort) in order to keep moving forward. 

The fun part about that?

Showing up is 90% of it all. The rest, doing what you say you'll do upon showing up...piece of cake. 

Let your life be interesting.  Make commitments. Join the ranks of human beings working to and for something. Believe you can.