💛💙Project: Love, Me - Here's Some Guidance To Getting Your Purpose ❤💚


Whoa.  That's heavy.

Finding purpose causes all sorts of upset and anxiety.  It leads people to dissociate, check out, minimize and lose touch.  It leads people to depression, feelings of monotony, upset, restlessness, destructive behavior etc etc etc.

It's sort of silly that that's the case.

Purpose is really just getting what has YOU, being you, in all your glory, expressed in the world.

Watch children.  They get what it is to be free.  They get what it is to be totally immersed in what they're dreaming about.  They get what excitement lies in experiments and learning.  They get the newness of every moment.  They get purpose.

All purpose is is finding what lights you up, inspires you to keep going and let's you feel involved and indispensable in your experience. 

Any one of you that just read that and turned on that internal dialogue that says "I don't matter", shut that shit off.

You matter.  You're actually essential.  You have no idea what the things you've done, said or just shown up for have influenced.  You make change and make things happen just by being in the experience.  There's no person on this planet who is an exception to that. 

You are that important.  Just stop thinking you aren't.  It's a waste of headspace.  

Your importance is easy to see when you're present to who you are.  Your desires, dreams, learning and growing keep the world moving.  It's when you get stuck following orders that you're not connected to, doing things that you don't want to do and being a person who's liked vs. your own self that gets you stuck in that "i don't matter" and "life is sad, unfulfilling and difficult" mindset.

Purpose is right there in your playing.  Connecting to the child version of you, who's waiting to be invited to play, all day every day, ignites your dreams, passions and value.  You have the capacity to be her.  It's actually easy.  

First, you have to shut out the noise from all the influencers that tell you what to do, who to be and to get in line.  That's media, ads, education protocols, news...all of it.  It's all opinions.  If you don't connect to it and it's not authentic to you, shut it out.

Second, you have to tune in to little you.  Reminisce.  Pick up a hobby or take an online course in something that interests you.  You're never too old, too busy or too broken to grow.  It's never too late to learn.  Learning connects you to YOU.  

It's not about bettering yourself.  How you are is awesomely acceptable.  

It's about growing.  It's about discovering.  It's about having FUN!

Third, when you find that thing that inspires you, run with it.  Keep learning.  Find community who shares in your interests.  Remove those that don't.  Keep expanding.

Forth, honor yourself.  Acknowledge how much you've learned and how equipped you are to do that.

It's simple to find.  It drives you forward.  Taking care of yourself and realizing your self-worth are natural when you're in this purposeful place...

and life is, again, exciting.