Falling Into Something Positive

If you haven't noticed, I like to talk in terms of new, fresh starts, picking yourself up, beginning again and moving forward with what you want for you and you life and the steps in the process.  I talk about starting again each week, I acknowledge the change of months, seasons and years.  I believe an approach from a fresh, whole place gives you the opportunity to have as much stamina, resilience and love as you can muster to achieve and succeed.  

Fall is a beautiful time of year in the Northeast.  Some of my most fulfilling, calm and positive memories bring me to scenes of falling leaves and quiet streets on October Saturday mornings. There's a peace to the waning of warm weather and the shedding of green into hues of red, gold and orange.  Nature lets go so easily.  The chill comes, you find a place to warm yourself. Schedules slow down and you create more time at home, to relax or work on that project that the hustle and bustle of summer wouldn't allow for.

Fall, to me, is the time of year that's easiest to turn inward and work on you.  What needs to heal? What part of your life would you like to give attention to?  Where have you felt lost or uncared for?  

Why not fall into something positive?

Use the time of quiet, warm and cozy relaxing to start building something more stable, healthful and self-sustaining.  Cook a few times each week.  Find recipes that nourish you and time to learn about what your body needs and enjoys.  Read up on a hobby or interest.  Learn about new places to visit.  Enjoy facetime with an old friend who you know you'll feel loved and appreciated by the minute they pick up the phone.  Write a journal.  Create a bedtime and breakfast routine that settles you in at night and gently wakes you again in the morning, with positive energy to start your day.  


Yes, sweat out your anxiety or worry and the stress that, even if it was fun, a full summer calendar puts on your body.  Learn to meditate.  Listen to soft, soothing music.  Clear out the cobwebs in your closets and storage.  Donate what you don't need or want.  Make room for love, creativity and wellness to come to you and expand.

We can fall into so many things --- why not take this pre-holiday time to create positive change?