👗👙Today's Detox - Your Wardrobe👒👘

Actions speak volumes. Without actions, words just fill the air with noise.

Whenever you create change for yourself, a clearing is necessary for you to step into being the new, transformed you. Oftentimes, people hold on to things. This could be out of fear of losing or not having enough. It could be an indicator for trying to get back to a happier time, a time you felt whole. It could be sheer laziness. It could be a result of a compulsiveness for more and more and more.

With minimal things to sort through, choices are clearer. Starting again in any way can be supported through actions in other parts of your life that seem unrelated.

The only monsters you have in your closet are the messes, the clutter and the dreams of fitting into your jeans from freshman year of college.

If you don't feel good in it, if it isn't a cherished item, if it isn't your a classic, ever-stylish piece and you haven't worn it for over a year...DONATE IT or THROW IT AWAY. This exercise is scary, emotional and, in the end, invigorating.

Go make room.


1. Sort Your Closet.

2. Donate or Throw Away All Items You Haven't Worn For 1+ Years