Connecting To Your Heart of Hearts

Today I'm going to jump right in to a more esoteric and spritiual component of wellness.
 I've always loved the expression "I know it in my heart of hearts". I hear it as that innermost knowing, intuition and soul's seat, under all the organs and tissues and cells of a body.
I hear it as the part of us that comes with the light of birth and goes to the light again when we complete this life. 

The ideals of religion never appealed to me.
In my heart of hearts, I always knew someone, somewhere had created this text, these rules and these stories on top of each and every belief system.  I knew they were simply stories created to assist humans in finding meaning, a purpose, belonging and connection. 

I like to think I'm not separate from divinity, that I'm responsible for my life and my actions and I am here to fulfill on the purpose my heart of hearts FEELS. 


Purpose, in my mind, is not a thing. It is not an action to take. It is not something to do. 

It is you, who you truly are, in your heart of hearts, brought out into the world. It is the part that you and your divine light know you are here to share and, in sharing, you find meaning, belonging and connection with everyone. 

The western world is the only world I've ever lived in.
Before I connected to my purpose, I felt distant and disconnected, a discomfort that I now see is accepted as the norm in this part of the world.

There's talk of leaning into the discomfort.  Leaning in to the discomfort is not a concept that most western minds can grasp. 

We live in complete discomfort so there's nothing to lean into.

When a human leaves the womb and comes out to join the rest of us she is doing exactly that, joining us. She is here for her heart of heart's experience. The natural, familiar and comfortable way for our soul's seat is to be welcomed, nurtured, encouraged and celebrated. 

This western world has youngest sibling syndrome. We came last and we want to be recognized as an equal.  
We don't, however, want to be responsible.
We throw temper tantrums.
We whine and, in recent years, the uproar we have caused has turned us into a discontented, non-responsive, angsty teenager of a culture. We are insecure from inexperience and we are indignant and righteous to hide that insecurity. 

We have every opportunity to connect, nurture, band together and grow but we would rather form cliques, separations and 'us vs. them' across communities, groups, organizations, social classes, professions and religious followings. 

We are completely insecure, using our opinions to separate from each other. 

What happened to acknowledging the power in discovery?
Zen mind/beginners mind of Zen Buddhism describes this well, as does A Course In Miracles.

Here's the magical steps to Connecting to Your Heart of Hearts: 

  1. Declare "I don't know".  
  2. Get that not knowing is exciting.
  3. Request to be taught.
  4. Seek to learn. 

If your beliefs are truly yours and appeal to you, if they further your purpose and enhance your ability to be free and creative in your life experience, dive deeper.  Own them and honor them.

If you question what you have attached yourself to, I encourage you to unattach yourself and continue in your questioning.  

Find what works for you.
Your heart of hearts knows what that is.  
Instead of separating with your personal beliefs, find ways to believe that have you unite with others. That unity does not have to be based on belief. It is narrow minded to think that connection is that superficial.

Beliefs are created.
Connection is innate.  

We are all made of the same star-stuff.
We are all the same.
We cannot get away from how connected we are. 


That is the basis of all beliefs, of every creation story and every science-based hypothesis. We are all from the same place and we are all here from the same desire to experience. Whether you believe that is a divine desire separate from your own or your own divine desire, is your choice.

There's no blasphemy or righteousness in that statement.
It is the simplest of truths. 

Understanding this has brought my heart to peace in existence. It's had me become ever-present to my connection to each and every person I meet, know, have known and even those I will never have the privlege of meeting while I'm here.  

I still know them, all of them.

We are one in the same. 

When we find the love in that and the connection between all of us, our species as a whole, will stop creating divides.
We will live harmoniously because it is the only way one can live with that kind of understanding.

I hold space for that happening while I'm still here to see it.