😊💅Today's Detox - Choosing Self-Care Products Consciously💄🌎

What you let in becomes a part of your internal makeup.  You can work your little booty off to ease your mind, connect to something greater than you, grow and develop your resilience, presence and lifelong accomplishments


you can throw it all away with your morning get-ready routine.  You can even feed yourself well, take on all sorts of healing modalities and practices and then expose yourself to harm and hurt.


By making unconscious choices about your home environment and about the products you use to clean and pamper yourself, you are likely bombarding your system with toxicity via your largest organ, your skin.

In Chinese medicine, the skin is assessed to get the best picture of your internal environment.  Though not as "scientific" as we are accustomed to in the western world, the explanation of toxicity and the body's natural ways to create homeostasis is easily explained.

You know your liver detoxes our body.  Chinese medicine considers the blood first.  The blood rinses our body of toxins, be they physiological, environmental, psychological and/or emotional.  The blood carries the toxins we ingest (again, All of the toiletries and solutions you use to clean yourself and the surfaces you use physiologically, environmentally, psychologically and/or emotionally).  When we need a good rinse, the blood takes those toxins to the liver.  The liver does it's job and...when you get overloaded in any of the previously considered ways, the liver sometimes screams "TOO MUCH.  HELP!" and the lungs step in.  Breathing expels what needs to go, yes, but not as thoroughly as the liver.  When the lungs get taxed, the kidneys kick in and flush.  This is why yo need tons and tons of fluids.  Helping your boy get it out is your job.  Don't be so hard on you!

When it's past the ability of the liver, lungs and kidneys, the body seeks the largest surface area to push that stuff OUT!

Your skin shows you.  It's dryness, rashing, breakouts, wan/green coloring, bruising, swelling, ashiness, you name it, it's all an indication that you are OVERLOADED.

So that's what's going on from the inside.  

The beauty business gives you 1001 ways to moisturize, turn back the clock, fade this, soften this, tighten that using external means.  Unless ethically driven, the products they produce are made to sell.  They have preservatives, chemicals, dyes, emolients and all sorts of unnatural stuff in them that add to the toxic bombardment.

Don't get me wrong.  It's nice to have oils and lotions and pampering items to show your body love and care.  It's just all wrong to buy products to fix and repair.  That has to happen inside-out.

ALL of the self-care products have to be considered for safety. It can be overwhelming looking into what's what in the ingredients and, that can not stop you.

You are exposed to far too many chemicals, toxins and pollutants in the air you breath and the public spaces you inhabit. The likelihood of a greener, toxin free and more conscious planet depends on you, starting at home.

Just like any other routine you create for yourself, educating yourself about what you expose yourself to in your only controlled environment (home) fortifies you to avoid and protect your body in those less controlled places.  Being conscious about what you let into your body (think airborne and through the skin...not just orally) provides you with an opportunity to choose healthier environments for yourself and your family.

It does not do you any good to eat well and use all of the "best" products to keep you looking young while you are increasing your risk of toxicities and the myriad of illnesses associated with toxic states.

DoTerra has safe, naturally disinfecting cleaning products. I'm really in to them.  Check out that link I just sent you to and see for yourself.  You can just try some through the site or you can get in touch with me at hello@theharvestmethod.com so we can set up a time to talk about hopping on the essential oils train.

Thrive Market, Vitacost, Whole Foods Market and the ewg.org are places you can go to be certain you are making healthy choices for your home and your personal care products too.  

I use ewg.org and their apps religiously.  Thats why my bathroom cabinet looks like it does...


Pretty hippie-baller isn't it?

All of this is part of your well-space.  Consider and act.  It's worth all of the effort to have ease and peace.


1. Clean Out Your Bathroom Closets, Shelves and Under The Sink.

2. Throw Away All Toiletries and Cleaning Products That Have Expired, Contain Harmful Chemicals Or Have Not Been Used For Over A Year.