The Difference Between Discipline and Masochism

If you are that woman, that one who's always pushing, always achieving, always doing...

Where are you when it comes to pushing to make time for you?  Where are you when it comes to achieving balance between work/achievement and downtime/play?  Where are you when it comes to just being...chillin?

I bet reading this makes you strung out just thinking about "chillin"...

Who's going to save the day and get everything done if you're off "chillin"?

Better question to pose:

Who's going to be there to fill your amazing shoes if you get sick or broken or burn out or hurt because you haven't learned how to pause, reboot and enjoy yourself?

You gotta do you, girl.

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10 Full-Proof Ways To Express "YOU" In Everything You Do

When you're project: love, me-ing your way through life and growing in your relationship with yourself, you'll find you grow more and more in tune with who "YOU" are, at your core. 

You'll want to be her all of the time because every other "put-on" version of you feels so icky and inauthentic. And when you don't abide to your truth and let her feel lonely. 

Now, getting past being lonely in your own company is a beautiful thing. Your skin gets thicker and the outside influence and need for external validation quickly fades away. 

Like any practice (or life-long project) you have to keep flexing that self-love, self-acceptance, I-am-just-so-god-damn-in-to-me muscle until its buff and beefy. Then, you have to keep it up forever more to keep it toned. 

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This Quality Makes (Or Breaks) Your Health

As much as your health depends on how you nourish and move yourself (literally and figuratively), it also depends, heavily, on your attitude.

What you think and feel is a primary part of this whole wellness puzzle.  

You can't control what happens.  

Forget it.  You have no control over that, whatsoever.  

What you do have control of, however, is how you respond or react to what happens.  What you do with your experience relies on who you choose to be.  

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You can't have a whole life if you only look at, tend to and practice perfection as much as you can’t have a whole life if you practice zero awareness or attention.

There's beauty and a wholeness in the grey area. 

Just as a perfectly portioned, nutrient dense gold star-of-a-diet could be considered the light/good/right side of nutrition,

a king-sized burger, fries and an Oreo milkshake could be considered the dark/bad/wrong. 

What about the grey/neutral/balanced area?


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