Why don't you love your body?

This week is about your hot bod. 

It is about what you're dressing up, what you're feeding, what you're moving and shaking, what you're sharing, or keeping to yourself...the physical specimen of a being you are. 

Our bodies can do incredible things. There's a reason it takes physicians years and years to train for their profession. It's ever evolving. The amount we know about the human body is staggering and we find out more and more every day. There are billions of cells, proteins and complex processes happening in concert for you to sit pretty all day, much less put your vessel into serious action. 

I say 'vessel' because I find it to be the word that applies the most reverence to this sacred container. 

you chose the body that would be your vehicle in this life


it's a luck of the draw scientific algorithm and this is the one you got


your body was given to you from a higher source - 

no matter what you believe landed you in the skin you are in, you are living and breathing inside a mind-boggling, intricate creation 

and yours is its own. 

It is original in every way, shape and form. 

There is no one else like you. 


Not one.
Both inside and out.
Soul-fully and physically.
You are the only YOU. 

If you were present to how amazing that is, you would not be susceptible to the chronic dis-ease of modern society.  

You would not listen to advertisements and media claiming that their ideal is THE ideal, that what you look like and what type of shape you have, how fit or unfit you are and the value/branding of your outfit determine YOUR value. 

And I don't mean your value to another. I am speaking to your self worth, the value you give YOURSELF. 

I used to complain that my ears stick out, my waist is weirdly short and my knees too knobby. I had a critique about my physical attributes every time I watched a recording of myself dancing. My skin broke out too much, my breasts were too small, my hair too mousy brown. My voice was too raspy. I was too loud. I looked like a bird.
The list goes on. 

When I look back on photographs of myself and, now that I've found this place in my being that finds gratitude for the vessel I am in, when I look in the mirror, I am absolutely taken aback at how beautiful a vessel I have.

It moves because it feels the music. 

It speaks and writes because it has a deeper knowing that needs to be shared. It watches because there is always something to learn that will have me understand another and connect more deeply. 

It thinks and creates so powerfully. 

I am in awe of my ability to build up or DESTROY with the energy of a single thought.  

I heal when I am sick. 

I rebuild and repair when I am injured. 

I am in communication with myself and give signs for how I am impacted by my surroundings through physical, physiological and emotional responses. 

I am electric and mechanical. 

I am a computer with the ability to laugh and cry and run and fall and hug. 

I can only do what my body allows me to and I am grateful for every moment and every bit of love and energy it gives me. 

I am reverent. 

Caring for myself is not for another. I do not apply oils to my skin and hair for someone else. I am honoring my body and giving it extra attention as a 'thank you'.
I rest to say, "I hear you, we need this."  
I hydrate and eat delicious fruits and vegetables to make sure the pollutants are kept at bay and I have what I need to repair and rejuvenate.
So I can use this vessel as long as it permits. 

I move not to have great abs and a nice ass. 

I move to celebrate that I can. 

And with my silken hair and nourished skin, my well-rested eyes and smooth lips comes my power. I soften at the hand of true caring.  
I am my nurturer. 

When you are cared for, you are strong enough to be gentle, to pause and contemplate before you respond without the need to defend or react. You do not feel the need to be protected. 

The time and place we needed protection was when you gave up on being cared for because you refused to care for yourself.  

Media inundated you with suggestions for what you need to have the best of the best. 

In reality, you have what you have. It can only be at its best if it's shown love and care.

Beauty is the result of love. 

We are not loved because we are beautiful. 

Avoiding those messages that appeal to your not-enough-ness and those conversations that pollute your joy in having the opportunity to experience life in the body you are in is pertinent to your project. 

Turn off the TV.
Close the magazines.
Stop seeking someone else's opinion or view of what is beautiful...of what is enough. 

Do you.  The rest flows naturally. 

Allow yourself the time for self care and solid, healthy, loving relationships, not because you deserve them (even though you do). Allow for these things because you are grateful and want to express appreciation for your body. It's here with you from day 1 until your last. 

It does not betray you. 

It is what it is. 

It is you that betrays it. 

Stop that. 

Forgive yourself. 

You were influenced. While under that influence, you lost your mind for a while and let that superficial conglomerate of herded mainstream trends take over. 

No harm no foul. 

Now you see.  

You have a choice to be you again.  It is easy to be in love with that person. You will  find your way back into your authentic shows in no time. 

Take a day to explore, learn, understand and listen to your body. It is your longest ally, your greatest friend. Treat it as such. There is no one else who has what you have. There is no one else who does what you do quite like you do it. There is something so special about each and every one of us. 

When you get that for yourself, you will not allow what might harm that highest respect, that reverence.  

You do not need to fight for yourself. 

You take care. 

There is no force or resilience required. With ease and enjoyment you do for yourself what you feel needs to be done to experience how whole you are. 

It can be an elaborate system with support staff and GoogleCal appointment reminders or it can be simple and easy. The important part is that there must be attention and care given to you, for you, from you and by you, every day.