Avoid Falling Into Fall

It's a new Monday, -----

It's also about to be fall.  The leaves will change, the weather will grow colder, there will be more reason to snuggle to stay warm :)

As we approach the months of hibernation and the lull after the excitement and heat of summer, I find it important to acknowledge that you have to choose to keep vibrant and forward moving. You have to make that choice or...those holiday 10 pounds creep on, that project gets set aside, your drive to grow and create dwindles with the daylight. 

It's easy to do, though.  

Spend some time this week thinking about your plans, perhaps the ones you began your year with. 

Where are you in their progress?  

Have things happened that changed your priorities?  

Have you given up on something that truly is important to you?

What parts of your life do you want to make a conscious effort to continue to attend to so, come next spring, you're that much further along in the journey? 

Here's an exercise to get those creative and inspiring juices flowing:

1. List all the categories/areas/components of your life that are important to you.

2. Under each one of these, write 2 goals/dreams you have and one new goal/dream

3. Sit and think about all that you have done, all the places you've been and all the experiences you've had that have contributed to that part of your life.*                                  

* These are all steps on the journey. Don't apply positive of negative to them. Just acknowledge that they are happening or have happened. It's all movement. We can't go backwards, remember?  The past has passed. It's over. We can only be present and move forward towards the future.

4. Think of all the ideas/beliefs that you have stuck to that don't really help you grow in these parts of life. 

5. Make the promise to yourself. Loosen the reigns on these ideas/beliefs and/or create new ones that DO help you grow.  

6. Keep on going. Be alive, vibrant and vital into the fall, straight through winter and always. 

Love, me