How About A Fresh Approach To Everything?

You know that annoying person you see on the train or at the coffee shop or right when you get into your office in the AM who just always has a happy face on?  

She is always really interested in how your weekend was.  

She is always ready to chat about the next topic, keep you company, get creative.

You just wait for the day she'll crack.

You just can't believe that anyone can genuinely, authentically be that happy.

Well, guess what, honey...
I'm in the game of having YOU become that person.

What that person has is freedom.  

She doesn't put all of her energy into the minutia of life - the tasks, to to-do's the missed opportunities, the times she was wronged.
She doesn't spend half her morning pissed off about something that happened last Tuesday.  
She doesn't get caught up.
She stays present and...


I have a crazy life.  I'm up at dawn, uptown, downtown, Brooklyn, Manhattan, on video, you-tubing, writing, exercising, teaching, creating...and that's just for work.  I also play and get creative in all sorts of extra-curricular activities.  I keep it real with my health, exercise and wellness.  I make time for my friends and my beau.  

I really do it all.

And I, rarely, lose steam.


I approach it all, each and every moment, solely as if the task at hand is the only task there is and ever will be.  I pay attention, stay committed and present, enjoy the company of a client, companion or myself and I approach absolutely everything with fresh, bright, shiny eyes.

I've trained long and hard, Rocky Balboa-style, to make that my reality.  

Of course I fall back into old, stop myself, feel constrained, judge and assess myself patterns.  I know how to get myself right back out though.  

Project: Love, Me and The Harvest Method are designed to keep things fresh.  First for me, now for you.  

Why would you ever want to know what was happening next (ps. you don't, ever)?

Why would you ever want to control anything about life (ps. you're not in control, ever)?

Why would you want to miss the experience of being freshly in awe of the unraveling of a day, moment-to-moment (ps. it is awe-some, it's never mundane, ever)?

Let yourself feel, think, speak, do and be FRESH.  You'll have such a different outlook and a different mind to access when it's time to solve a problem, make up a game or just plain enjoy yourself.