Top 5 To Do’s for the New Year From The Harvest Method

Like always, I’ve got my own way.  

Like this whole harvest method…this is MY way.  

It is the way of doing my own thing, of doing what works for me.

I believe that to be a great way for every person to take on as her own.  

You, doing you.  

Finding food that feeds you and movement that moves you.

Absolutely killing it at living your life.

It’s not a bad method.  (Though, I’m partial).

You’ll have to choose for yourself if it sounds like a method that works for you.

Here’s a shot at that choice.

I put together 5 practices the harvest method promotes for a well, joyful start of the year.

Here they are:

1. Keep a food diary 

NO!  Not a calories, macronutrient analysis, processed vs whole, good vs bad etc etc. diary.

Keep a “What I just enjoyed eating” diary 

What did you like about each and every morsel you put in your mouth today? 

Be honest. 

Maybe you really did like that bowl of lettuce because it was soooo nutritious. 

Maybe you really did like that super-sized french fry because you felt soothed eating it after getting ripped into by your boss. 

Just keep a diary of what you enjoyed in each and every nosh sesh.

Over time, you'll see what reasons (beyond hunger and desire) you have for eating. 

You'll get familiar with your psychology around eating. 

There's no right/wrong answer.

It's just you, writing the play-by-play of what you're doing and the “why” you’ve got leading those actions. 

That's all it morality. 

Food isn’t moral.

It also doesn’t have mystical powers.

It either feeds you or it doesn’t.

If you find that your reasons for enjoying are texture, color, craving, sustenance or fuel-related, you're eating in a balanced way. 

If you're reasons are responsive to your emotions or could be considered overly health-obsessed (yes, there’s a problem if you spend all your time worrying about what’s in your food and how good it is for you too)…your eating habits tend to lack balance. 

Keeping this kind of a food diary is research, not a graded exam. Use it as such.  

I rarely post a word about food in these writings.  A bit odd, I know, considering I’m a registered dietitian who’s all about food that feeds you.  I’ve taken the position that, instead of accountability and routine, inspiration to find joy and ritual in your daily practices brings you to a deeper, more mindful connection with yourself.  The more you connect with and understand yourself, the more positive your outlook.  How about finding food that feeds you connecting with you?  This diary does that.

2. Plan your day. 

Now, I know there's an OCD perfectionistic, goal-setting, efficiency-on-crack-producing planner for each and every part of our productive life.

Or is there?

There's one for Goal setting. 

for work

for appointments

for social and professional gatherings

for networking

for picking the kids up

for shopping/cleaning/caring for the family…

You could put ALL of that in some kind of planner and give yourself a check mark and a gold star for completing WAAAAAY too much in a day, no matter if your hair greys and your nerves explode in the process. 

Do you also have a planner for you?

for your self-care

for your hobbies

for your down time

for just "be-ing" vs. do-ing.  

That's what you need to add sheet 1, day 1 of your crisp 2017 planner and fill out, meticulously and diligently.  That is the plan you need to follow and complete...diligently. 

If that's not planned, it isn't going to happen. 

If that doesn't happen, you're do-ing absolutely everything from an uncared for, depleted version of yourself.  


and entirely impossible to maintain.

Plan that self-care plan. 

You are the most important part of the regular planner’s planning.  Without you there, none of it happens. I’ve found that "me time" lets me give more to everyone else.  I’ve got to recharge the battery and fill the gas tank in order to move myself through all the spectacular things I plan to do.  Resting is just as important and moving.  

3. Ask the important questions. 

When you get dressed, do your hair or make-up your face, refrain from seeking external approval with the question 

“How do I look?”.

Tap into your internal scale of 1-10 by asking yourself 

"How do I feel?"  

Clothing yourself to feel comfortable and celebrated by expressing yourself and having a no fuss, natural, caring and therapeutic hair and beauty/makeup regimen will reduce the stress and anxiety that result from needing approval and, you'll have added actions for self-care to your daily plan, effortlessly. 

I want to feel seen, heard, loved, valued…priceless.  I want all of that to shine through, straight into my heart, in every experience.  With that in mind, I prepare myself for my day.  I take the time to care for myself, not cover up the lack of care and rough handling I’d be doing to myself if I weren’t attending to how I’d like to feel.

4. Never, ever, ever use numbers to determine your health again.

That's right. 

Don't weight yourself at all. 

Don't count a single calorie or gram of fat.

Don't count your facebook and instagram "likes". 

Quit determining your personal value via your assets, possessions or dollars in the bank.

How much or little there is to you, how much you eat and how much you have have nothing to do with how important and lovable you are.  

Dressing for comfort and listening to your body while feeding and caring for it will give you the intuitive ability to find and remain your set, healthiest weight for you, build your confidence in your choices and in who you have chosen to be and lead you to more productive thoughts and actions. Without all that time spent in self-assessment, humans find purpose. 

When I stopped calculating my worth in various measurements and numbers, I came up with this method.  I found a voice that wanted to share love and acceptance and teach you how to have that grow in yourself.  I find it a much better way to spend my time. 

5. Lead with and nurture your strengths, the things you are really really good at.

Do that.

Offer those skills as your contribution to projects and collaborations. Study to improve and play them in every game. 

Forget about your weaknesses.  Completely.

Let someone else do that stuff.  There is someone who's good at those things and would love to work with you, exchange with you or just plain show off their skills. Teamwork works best this way.

For me...I've learned I'm a strategist and a developer. I maximize what can be developed out of any situation or project. I am determined to achieve something out of every experience - if nothing more that a lesson learned.  I lead every action from a place of empathy. Because of this I am absolutely incredible at inspiring people to grow and learn and honor themselves. 

With that I can honestly say that I am a TERRIBLE salesperson. I can't market or sell to save my life. I tried all of 2016 to do that and it felt gross and unnatural. So I'm hiring someone to market and sell me this year while I continue to build my skills as a storyteller who's here to listen, understand, teach and inspire. Somebody else can package that content for me. Wait and see. I'm sure they'll do a badass job.  

Sound like a fun top 5 to do’s?  or maybe we can call this a top 5 for-you’s in the new year.

I’d like that for you.

happy new year.

love, me