Food that feeds. Movement that moves...YOU

What feeds you?

What moves you?


Really, what?


I came to my work wanting to get what got people pumped up, what gets you to feel alive and what gets you to understand how important and amazing you are.


I did that work for myself and now I give what I learned to you.


When I was young I got fueled and moved by an art form. I absolutely loved to dance. I still do. I take any chance I can get to break it down on the dance floor or fly in the sky at my aerial dance lessons to fulfill that part of me that once was a ballerina.

I fell madly in love, felt fed and completely moved by dancing from the moment I did my first plié at the age of 3.

I understand that I am fortunate to have connected to myself at such a young age.

It did not make sense to my middle class super-American family but that never made any difference...

because it made sense to me.

In ending that career and dealing with the immense change of choosing a new path, I had to learn what else could feed me and what else moved me in order to stay invested and present in my life.


Yes, food feeds us. That is obvious. The quality of the nourishment we put into our bodies plays a major part in our health and well-being, our longevity and our strength. It also can be used as the vehicle to connecting to YOU and your physiological needs.

People use food to heal things food can not actually heal.

French fries don't heal a broken heart.

TV and the munchies do not heal your boredom.

A fancy restaurant does not fulfill your need for experience.

For whatever reason, we use food to feed those parts of us that otherwise feel unfulfilled. We do not eat to fuel our bodies. We eat because we have to when it's mealtime and because we want to fix something those other, mindless times.

Food is fuel.

It's delicious and desirable, thank goodness.

That's not its purpose though.

It's purpose is to give us the energy to thrive, repair injury and go on sustained to do and be all the things we want to do and be in our lives.

So what are the other kinds of ways we need to be fed?

We need relationships that feed us, that inspire us to be our best selves, go past our fears and grow.

We need hobbies and passions that let us express ourselves and learn more about what interests us and challenges us.

We need experiences that expand our views and let us see parts of life and the world that a narrow mind would keep us from.

That's what I mean when I say find food that feeds you.


Do you have that kind of nourishment?


Movement that moves me?

Well, of course dancing...but I also am moved by community building, creative events and groups, women honoring and owning their powerful place in the world, caring for the environment and the animals, plants and people of our planet, clean water, performance, authentic expression of the self. 


These are movements that move me.


What are you passionate about? 

What are your views, your desires and your principles?

What do you want to better and be a part of?


These are movements that move you.


Connecting to your own fuel, the food that feeds YOU and the stuff that makes you jump out of bed in the morning to go out and be somebody who believes in something...that moves YOU.


that's your project: love, me.


That's what The Harvest Method brings out in you and inspires you to be.


No one else will choose the same way. No one else will feel fed and moved by the same things that get you going.

That's just one more thing that makes you special and important and a gift to the rest of us.

You are uniquely you.

Connecting to who that is is your fuel.


Spend 15 minutes every day this week questioning what that is for you.


Write me a love letter and tell me what you've found.